Rafael produces his gin with a lot of passion in Arisdorf BL. The gin is only given in small quantities. A high quality of quality can be achieved.

RAFAEL’S GIN has 3 variants:

Classic red:
The classic variant of RAFAEL’S GIN. A gin full of character with a pleasant herbal note, very fresh and balanced.

Classic Red

Blue Gin:
Gin colored blue by a natural product. Changes color when tonic water is added. This gin convinces with a pleasant citrus note.

Blue Gin

The special version of RAFAEL’S GIN Classic Red. Has a high proportion of essential oils. Suitable for gin lovers who want to try something new.


The gift set consists of a bottle of gin of your choice (200ml) and 2 tonic waters. The gift box is deliberately unprinted and can be reused.

Gin Sets

500ml CHF 49.-
200ml CHF 24.-
Gift set, 200ml CHF 34.-

You can pick up the fine RAFAEL’S GIN either directly in Arisdorf or from elchRecords in Basel.

Only 500 pieces are produced per year.

Use the Order here page.

Have fun!